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Quincy Drawing Robot Learning Educational Toys

Quincy is a drawing robot to help unlock kid's talent and unleash their full potential early. It creates the best visual experience for kids as all of our arts are designed with the style of British painter's selection of drawing. Quincy is like a little "home teacher" for arts education and enables kids to become familiar with and deepen their knowledge of drawing.



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Quincy is an educational robot toy. It helps the kids to learn drawing, alphabet, spelling, counting, math, subject recognition, and more.



The first drawing lesson for kids

Show any drawing card to Quincy and this drawing robot will start to draw the picture step by step.


Having fun with Quincy in the ABC world

Quincy can do the spelling teaching. After kids finish drawing of each picture, the robot toy will lead kids to use letter cards to spell it out letter by letter.

Playing counting and math puzzles with Quincy 

Quincy is good at math counting. Scan a math challenge card, Quincy will draw and tell a story, then Quincy will ask math questions. Figure out the correct answer and scan the number card.


Exquisite design of Quincy

1) The suction cup design prevents the machine from accidentally falling.


2) The magnetic arm design prevents the arm from breaking when dropped.

3) 0.5s lnstantly recognizing pictures and start to draw right away.


How does it work?

With 4 easy steps, we can learn how to draw.

Prepare your pen and paper. Start drawing by show the drawing card to Quincy's eye.
When the light is flashing, press NEXT button for next step.
Draw with Quincy step by step.
Complete the work.

Loved by 200,000+ families all over the world



Packing list

Quincy drawing robot *1
Drawing books *4
Letter Cards *26
Picture Cards *24
Number Cards *10
Math Challenge Cards *4
User manual *1
UBS cable *1
Pens *2


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